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Catering and Event Planning

Tarte Catering caterers at hundreds of venues in Los Angeles. Tarte Catering takes our hospitality efforts seriously. We make every effort to ensure that your event, whether it is a sit-down dinner for 20 or a Charity Gala for 300, represents the same care and attention to detail that you expect for your guests. Tarte catering can design menus to fit any occasion and budget. We do our best to procure provisions from nearby organic farmers and wineries, as well as organic ranchers. We consider the environment when sourcing disposables.

Ruth’s passion for food began as a young child learning traditional cooking from generations of women in her Moroccan/Jewish family. Her mother, grandmother and aunts sat her on kitchen counters where she watched and learned a love for family, friends and incredible food. She then created new traditions with her husband and three boys. Growing up in Los Angeles, Ruth developed a passion for food that inspired her to choose cooking as a career. Beginning in 1998, she co-owned Flint’s Restaurant in Santa Monica, and began teaching cooking classes to novice and enthusiastic home chefs. These same groups still meet today on a monthly basis and learn about everyday cooking and entertaining.

After receiving high praise and enthusiastic encouragement from her students and customers, she is currently working on a Modern Entertaining Cookbook and interactive website.

She also teaches cooking classes “hands-on”, giving everyone a chance to participate. She empowers home chefs with delicious and healthy recipes and the knowledge to entertain beautifully, confidently, and with ease.