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Event Planning

Tips and Resources

  • Always consult a caterer as they know which food and drinks go well with each occasion.
  • Your event planner should be familiar with top vendors and be able to recommend trusted and reputable vendors.
  • When choosing a venue, make sure that the venue is the right size and has the appropriate facilities for your event.

Great Food Calls for Great Drinks

The best way to fully enjoy any meal is to pair it with the right beverage. Whether alcoholic or not, the right beverage should heighten the food it is paired with. Tarte Catering has listed on this page the most common food / beverage pairings along with cocktail recipes for your enjoyment. We hope that you’ll enjoy them, and invite you to contact us for more information or if you have any questions. We can suggest wines and cocktails, and serve them but unfortunately, we cannot purchase the alcohol for you.

Whatever you need for your Malibu area special occasion, Tarte Catering can get it for you. Give us a call for more information and a free estimate.

Special Events & Florists

Tarte Catering is LA’s Favorite Synagogue Caterer. Tarte recommends DB Creativity Inc for your special event and florist needs. DB Creativity provides affordable personalized service with professional designs and custom flare.