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Ruth Hurwitz

About Ruth

Ruth’s passion for food began as a young child learning traditional cooking from generations of women in her Moroccan/Jewish family. Her mother, grandmother and aunts sat her on kitchen counters where she watched and learned a love for family, friends and incredible food. She then created new traditions with her husband and three boys. Growing up in Los Angeles, Ruth developed a passion for food that inspired her to choose cooking as a career. Beginning in 1998, she co-owned Flint’s Restaurant in Santa Monica, and began teaching cooking classes to novice and enthusiastic home chefs. These same groups still meet today on a monthly basis and learn about everyday cooking and entertaining.

After receiving high praise and enthusiastic encouragement from her students and customers, she is currently working on a Modern Entertaining Cookbook and interactive website.

She also teaches cooking classes “hands-on”, giving everyone a chance to participate. She empowers home chefs with delicious and healthy recipes and the knowledge to entertain beautifully, confidently, and with ease.