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Tarte Catering is LA’s Favorite Synagogue Caterer and the testimonials listed below are just some of the few we have received over the years. It takes a village. Thank you to our fabulous clients and dedicated staff for this wouldn’t be possible.


Thank you so much for catering for us last night – food was magnificent as always. Chag Sameach.

Alexandra Kadoche
The Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles

Hi Ruth ,

Thank you very much for catering our daughter’s bat mitzvah at Smashbox Studios- the food was amazing and delicious, I am craving more of that chicken! So good! I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all of your hard work and how much I enjoyed your entire set up.



Hi Ruth and Matt,

Just wanted to send you a quick Thank You for the amazing, delicious, over the top evening last night. You guys did such a fabulous job and everyone was raving about the food, the presentation, the variety of choices, the quality and taste… dare I say not one person had a snarky comment about the food and that my friends is a first!!!

It was great working with you both. I hope we do it again soon!!



Dear Ruth,

I am generally a pen to paper kind of thank you note person…. I didn’t want you to wait one more second, or several days for snail mail, to receive my sincere thanks.

Shabbat Dinner was magnificent. It is always an honor to have our faculty in our home and, as I told you, I didn’t put in a fancy kitchen to look at, but to use and cook in. We built our home with the prayer that it would become a place for people to celebrate and connect to our special heritage as they find their own way. This time, Maxine forced me to relax and convinced me (didn’t give me a choice) to turn it over. Thankfully, she found you.

You swooped down into the house with your delightful crew- all my new favorite people. They were calm and quick and cared deeply about our guests and using our house in the best way possible.

The food was incredible. Your mix of elegant flavors was delicious and tantalizing. Kosher carnivores and raw vegans alike were all coming back for more and to find out how you made each delicious dish. Fresh and all expertly cooked, even today the chicken breast with the incredible sauce was still juicy. I can’t get over how much food we found this morning in our fridge… And the halva ice cream too! A treat that extended beyond just Friday night! Compared to the quality and love and care that went into each dish- I’m embarrassed that I served out of the freezer puff pastry and hot dogs for the kids… In Yiddish we call it a shanda- total embarassment! Your innate understanding of what to serve and deliberately balanced menu was amazing. Tapas that satisfied but left plenty of room for dinner and a selection of desserts I still just can’t get over! Your presentation was breathtaking – someone once said that people eat first with their eyes! My home was cleaner when you left then when you arrived. You mesmerized all, including my 11 year old and my husband, with your grace and style.

Ruth, it was an honor to have you in our kitchen. I was able to enjoy myself and I am sure the group will kvell about the evening for many moons to come.

On behalf of Brawerman Elementary school we thank you for all you did to ensure our annual faculty dinner was the best one to date.

Deepest Gratitude,
Rabbi Elissa Ben-Naim
Wilshire Boulevard Temple


I can’t tell you how ecstatic we all were about last night’s service, presentation, and dinner. We loved the wait staff and my mouth is still watering after eating that ever so subtly sweetened salmon. You are running an incredible company. Let’s work together a bunch more in the future. I hope to be coordinating these more often.


Drew Billings
Diane and Guilford Glazer Institute for Jewish Studies
Adjunct Professor, Religion Division
Pepperdine University

Hi Ruth-

I know Leslie conveyed her appreciation for your services at the MKI event, but wanted to thank you myself as well.  Your food was FABULOUS as was the presentation!

My daughter’s Bat Mitzvah is Memorial Day weekend.  We are just now figuring out all the details, a lunch, a dinner, a kids only party, place, etc… but wondering if you are available that weekend. Let me know.

Debbie Markiles

Dear Ruth,

We would like to thank you for your incredible catering, food, and your professionalism. All of our families and guests raved about your food, how it was presented and displayed, and your friendly staff. We will refer you to all of our friends and family and we will not hesitate to use your services again. If you would like us to place a five-star review on any online websites, please send us the link and we will post a positive review.


David & Julie Payab

Hello Everyone –

What a wonderful way to start the new year!  Last night went beyond my expectations in every way.  From the great group of people that were there, to the amazing food which was far from road kill, to the little naked plastic people with magnets.

Chef Ruth – you never cease to amaze me.  I enjoy proteins… however I have to admit, my favorite items last night were the vegetables.  Wow!    Never thought I’d say that.  I can’t wait to try and make them myself.  I’m not going to mention all that I like because I’d have to mention everything.

Ron and Bron – as always you were exceptional hosts.  The room was filled with love, comfort and a relaxed atmosphere which created a joyful evening.  You are so special.  I feel the spirituality that surrounds you flow into me.

And last but in no way least I want to thank Laurie, Larry, Marsha, Jonah and Hannah and their friends… yes, I learned only two new names last night and I can’t remember either one so I’m reduced to calling them “friends”.  You all worked so hard.  This could not have happened without you.   I felt very special from the way you treated me, making sure my every need was met.  Then again, that’s how you treat me all the time!  So I always feel special around you.

My love to all you for making this night so special for me.

With love,

Randie you expressed it all.  We were contemplating for a few month’s how this dinner would turn out.  We didn’t imagine that we would have such an  extraordinary dining experience.  Our compliments to the creators of the menu as well as the execution of the meal and wines (Ruth, Larry and Ron) and to the superb serving and kitchen staff. Larry, Laurie, and Marsha you deserve a raise and promotion!  You did an excellent job of keeping the flow, pleasing your guests, and doing it all with a big smile.  We enjoyed dining with you all and sharing in this unique and delicious experience.

An awesome evening!!! Thank you all and we wish you all good things for an amazing and healthy year.


Barbara and Al

The words “event catering” do not usually bring positive thoughts to mind. However, our experience with Tarte Catering has changed all that. We went to an event last night catered by Tarte and we simply blown away by the meal. The appetizers were creative, surprising (a savory gazpacho that looked like a yogurt fruit cup), and most importantly delicious. The dinners were outstanding with moist, tasty chicken (almost impossible with event catering), and came with complex sides made from fresh, unique ingredients. This was all done in a wilderness setting with no access to stoves, sinks, an uneven preparation service, and a challenging set of stairs between the “kitchen” and the service area. Amazing.

If this weren’t enough, the caterers were happy (dancing along with the music while not actively serving), helpful and gregarious. There was no sense of attitude at all even with the challenging setting. Their energy helped make our party better – when have you ever seen that!?

On top of it all, they’re kosher. Crazy.

It was all so unbelievable that I’m writing this review, which is something I never do. Tarte was just too incredible to be believed. You should not even consider anyone else to cater your event but Tarte – kosher or not!

– Richard